Don Ehinger, Trackmasters Senior Instructor and PCA Club Racer shares his experience with Trackmasters over the years. Steadily working his way up through the ranks from a novice/beginner driver on through Advanced driver status and eventually as an instructor over 20+ years. Don also shares his experience on how Trackmasters continues to help with his driver development as a PCA Club Racer. Incidentally, Don is the National PCA Club Racing F Class Champion over the past three years.

Trackmasters offers the best track-day experience at Watkins Glen! I try to attend as many as possible!

Eric Lux

IMSA Champion & Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona Winner.

My first Trackmasters event was in 1995 with a stock '85 911 and a strong desire to both learn high performance driving and do a few hot laps on the world-famous Watkins Glen race course. They say it is a slippery slope. Since then, I have become a certified Instructor, as well as an instructor mentor, raced competitively and racked up around 45,000+ track miles. Much of this is due in part to the experiences and relationships built through Trackmasters. While the leadership has changed hands over time, the basic concept of maximum track time, a strong focus on safety and excellent in-car and classroom instruction has always been constant. Likewise, the leadership, past and present, have always been folks that have a deep love for the sport and are welcoming to first-timers and racers alike. I still have the same '85 911, and while it has evolved to a full-time track car, the constant, over the years, has been track time with Trackmasters. It has been an environment that has met me wherever I have been on my HPDE journey and the friendships and skills acquired over the years are ones I hold most dear. Very much looking forward to what the new leadership at Trackmasters have in store for us.

Jim Gaylord

White '85 Carrera #008

I first encountered Trackmasters during the off-track car control exercises at an early GVC school at Watkins Glen in 2002. The gentleman running the exercise happened to mention that he was one of the TM founders. I asked about TM and he explained that there was a separate universe of non-marque specific driving schools that offered even more track time. That certainly piqued my interest and intent to learn more. I started to attend TM events shortly after and, at that time, felt that all I really needed to feel fulfilled as a high-performance enthusiast was to be a certified open tracker with Trackmasters. My open track check ride was enlightening in that it demonstrated to me the Trackmasters ethos of safety, awareness, and track etiquette that genuinely distinguish this organization from others. It was stressed to me that speed was not the goal for open track. They wanted to see good, sound traffic management, adherence to safety protocols and a spirit of cooperation. I was made to feel welcome and valued and over my subsequent years with TM I am particularly taken with the pervading sense of camaraderie, one which develops from a shared experience that most others can't understand or appreciate. Interestingly, when I was offered an instructor position with Trackmasters in 2010 I modified my previously mentioned driving aspiration; now it was to be a TM instructor. I carry that designation proudly and gratefully. It has been and continues to be a source of great satisfaction to help develop drivers within the Trackmasters milieu because I am quite confident that their ethos best assures that this sport will be enjoyed in the safest and most effective way possible.

Robert Eden

Four years ago, upon completion of getting our six children through college, it was time to do something for me! Enter, Trackmasters and High-Performance Driving (HPD). My HPD journey with Trackmasters has taken me from a Novice classification to now Open Track. Their classroom work, driving instructors, and a genuine interest in advancing my driving capabilities has exceeded all expectations. Additionally, I have met and gotten to know many fellow driving enthusiasts that today I call friends as the camaraderie at the track has been a wonderful surprise. If “driving” is your thing, I would not hesitate to begin your HPD journey with Trackmasters. You will learn so much and have fun, fun, fun while doing it.

Wayne F. Holly

Executive Chairman, SageRutty

What I appreciate most about Trackmasters is consistency. Every event is well organized from registration to on-track scheduling. The open track drivers are well aware of the Trackmaster culture and therefore maintain excellent on-track etiquette. This culture allows for the casual driver to enjoy their on-track experience while also allowing the more serious driver to hone their skills. The system works! Many lasting friendships have been born out of Trackmasters track days. This is a true testament to the comradery that is shared among the Trackmasters participants. Come join the fun!

Dave Sant

Trackmasters TM is a group for all levels. As a beginner last spring 2021 they took the time to get me comfortable on track by being safe, having fun and learning to go faster. TM organization has helped me advance my skills in 2022 and I’m very excited about this great hobby and for that I am very grateful. Looking forward to next season.

Sal DeBiase