Open Track Program

We have been offering open track events for qualified drivers since 1990. Our goal has always been to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants. To help ensure a quality track experience, protocols have been developed that we expect all drivers to practice.

We believe that a safe track environment requires all drivers understanding and consistently practicing the protocols established for our events. Drivers who are unpredictable and/or choose not to conform to established track protocols are a safety hazard to others. We are very much aware of how a few drivers behaving badly can ruin an event for everyone.

The open track run group gets five hours on track. Open track is for experienced drivers who have already graduated into the top-level run group of other DE organizations. Drivers often have dedicated track/race cars and some are experienced racers.

Open track drivers pass anywhere on track with a point-by signal, and drivers are expected to point-by faster cars early enough to allow everyone to maintain their pace and maximize fun.

Every driver new to Trackmasters’ open track can expect to be vetted by one of our advanced coaches to ensure that they have the skills, situational awareness, and predictability expected of drivers in our open track format.

Open track drivers can avail themselves to advanced coaching support at their discretion. This no-cost option promotes continued skills advancement of every driver.

With Trackmasters, you are more than just a name on a list. We truly want to provide you with the best possible open track experience. We are confident that our emphasis on consistent track protocols, the assessment of all new participants, our no tolerance policy towards deviant behavior on track, and the availability of coaching puts us a cut above the rest. Come join our family.