Instructional / Coaching Staff

Trackmasters is proud and fortunate to have some of the best coaches anywhere. Our instructional and coaching staff have decades of experience, and tens of thousands of laps at Watkins Glen honed over hundreds of track days. Our customers, many of whom have paid small fortunes to racing schools and professional coaches, have praised our team’s track knowledge and coaching skills.

Our coaching staff includes podium winners in many race series including PCA, International GT, IMSA, NASA, SVRA, and others. Some of our coaches also work as pro level coaches for high-level racers. Also on our staff are Chief Instructors from other organizations including PCA and BMWCCA. Many of our coaches work with private clients at rates of $1,000 per day or more. As a group, our staff offers you the best available skills-advancement program at Watkins Glen and at no added charge.

Open Track drivers and solo drivers in the intermediate run group can avail themselves to advanced coaching support at their discretion. This no-cost option promotes continued skills advancement of every driver.

Drivers work with our coaches to learn both the intricacies of the Watkins Glen track and to refine the skills required of high-level drivers, including wet lines, car set-up, optimum qualifying lap lines, maximizing apex momentum, the secrets to each turn, and much more. Tell us your coaching objective and we will pair you with the right coach.