TSX Sport

TSX Sport makes our official Trackmasters apparel. Go to their logo shop setup for Trackmasters to check out everything from tshirts to coats, with our name on them.  You should also check out their Race Shop.  They are with us at the track events and right here in Rochester to make sure you are equipped with the right gear.


Safe is Fast

Safe is Fast is a great resource for advancing your own skills in track driving with educational information and content.

Ross Bentley Speedsecrets

Our dear friend Ross has a great collection of information on his website to help notch your skill up a few levels.
Track Time Photos

Have you come to one of our events and are looking for that perfect photo of your car on the track? Check out Track Time Photos who capture the entire field of cars, so you can have that memory forever.

Lockton Affinity Motorsports

While we are proud to say we have one of the cleanest safety records possible for a track event, accidents do happen.  Lockton Affinity is one of the very few places you can get HPDE insurance for your vehicle.