There is only one driver education run group per track event, either intermediate level or novice level depending on the event. This allows any level driver to benefit from the unique Trackmasters experience. Drivers get four 30-minute track sessions. (Compare this to 20-25 minute sessions with many other groups).

At novice events, in-car instructors are assigned to every driver. At Intermediate events, in-car instructors are available but are not required for drivers cleared to solo. Each instructor only works with one student and therefore has plenty of time on and off track to dedicate to that driver.

Solo intermediates that forgo an in-car instructor can choose instead to sign up instead for a session with an advanced coach.

All Trackmasters instruction and coaching is designed to progress a driver to eventually run in the open track group. Run group sizes are limited to assure the individual attention that leads to rapid learning. Classroom sessions are small and interactive group settings. The learning content of classroom sessions advances with the experience level of the group. Drivers also participate in on-track exercises to advance their skill set, such as off-line corner entry, side-by-side driving, extended trackout and more.