Frequent Questions

We do our best to answer all questions you might have. Some questions show up more than others.

  • What Category of Driver would I be?

    In 2015 we are doing some simplifying of our classification. You are either cleared to run in Open Track or you are not. If you are not, you are in the Intermediate program. Most people who make it up to Open Track are 30+ days with a lot of experience and good communication skills.

  • How much does this cost?

    You will need to check the event registration for the most accurate cost. If you are a first year student coming into our training program, the cost for a 2 Day event is $490 or $245 per day. Pricing structures vary for our open track but are usually around $300.
    You will have to budget for some place to stay if you are coming in from out of town, some food, and make sure you have the proper equipment before you get here.

  • Can I share a car with another student?

    I am afraid not. We pride ourselves in one to one instructor attention and do not create segmented run groups to differentiate for people without their own vehicle.

  • How much wood can a wood chuck chuck?

    Nobody has ever asked this question. Perhaps you should email us with a better one to put up here if you have a question about our event.

More questions? Just Ask. Contact US

Other Common Questions

What should I bring?

Besides your prepped car, safety equipment and overwhelming excitement, here is a list of things to also bring.
  • Extra food and or snacks
  • Cooler with water or Gatorade type drinks
  • Folding chair, sunscreen, sunglasses, rain gear
  • Assorted tools; tire gauge, torque wrench
  • Extra oil, brake fluid and brake pads
  • Paper towels, rags and glass cleaner
  • Pen and paper for note taking
  • Tarp to put things under in case it rains

How do I register?

In 2015 we are shifting our registration through ClubRegistration.NET. You will need an account there in order to register. If you plan to register when the event availability opens, sign up for an account now.

Can I buy a gift for someone?

Yes. It is not something you can process through the registration page. PLEASE contact us ASAP when you want to purchase a gift. Be aware that the recipient will still need the proper gear, a qualified vehicle, but we can work up a gift certificate for our event entry. Our events DO sell out. Sometimes that gift certificate will need to be for next season.

The Event is SOLD OUT, can I still get in?

Well, that is the nature of SOLD OUT. There is still hope, but you have to be ready to jump if somebody cancels at the last minute. We have a SHORT list of standby names that we notify IF somebody cancels, so our instructors don't get lonely. If you are on the standby list. Have you gear packed, car prepped, and we will contact you up until 48 hours before the event.