Welcome to trackmasters

We have been providing high quality open track and instructional events for experienced drivers since 1990.

Our open track events emphasize safety and “community”.
Our focus on safety includes well-prepared cars, competent drivers and the consistent practice of on-track protocols/procedures by all drivers. Every participant is valued and appreciated. We insist all drivers use good judgment and be respectful of others.

We have always recognized the need to offer an instructional/coaching component within the open track format. Our instructional program is intended to help intermediate drivers develop the skills necessary to make the transition to open track. We believe every driver, no matter how qualified, can use the services of a coach. Open track drivers can take advantage of on-track tune-ups with a member of our instructor group or one-on-one help analyzing on-track data with the assistance of a professional coach/driver.

Providing quality track time with supportive driver services is our vision. We believe that combination makes trackmasters unique. Come join us and experience the trackmasters community.

– Bill Schultz

Our Mission

Provide a safe and professional driving environment for drivers to take driving to the next level

trackmasters is a community of people who share a common passion for driving. With a focus on safety, coaching, and education, individuals are able to elevate their driving ability to new levels.

Event Reviews

  • Novice Review
    This was my first time ever at Watkins Glen, and what an amazing experience. Very professional group to learn from. I can't believe how much I progressed in two days.
  • Pro Driver Review
    Every time I go on track with this group I learn something new.
  • Instructor Review
    Surround yourself with the best people and the best resources and you witness improvement every lap.

Track Highlights

Life is a series of pauses between Green Flags